VetPay’s Pay Later option allows your customers to easily afford an unexpected vet bill. Your practice will get paid within 2 working days while VetPay will take care of the installment loan. A free tablet will be set up at your practice so that your customers can secure their loan right at the spot. This quick and simple application process will increase your customers’ purchasing power through soft credit. These easy credit plans from VetPay come with competitive rates and there is no recourse to your practice in case a customer defaults on their payment. This, combined with early payoff options, will give your customers a better alternative than using their credit card.

care now pay later

Simply provide the Pay Later tablet to a customer and walk them through the application process. Once the customer’s relevant details are in, it will take less than 60 seconds for the approval notification to show up on the screen. After the customer has chosen their monthly payment plan, the order is submitted and the transaction is completed. You can now cash out your customer like a credit card transaction. The amount of the transaction will be in your account in 48 hours.

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